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12:37, 12.06.2018 | Marek Dudziński

Niestety zostałem pośrednio wywołany do tablicy przez Adam Nergal Darski, do którego prywatnie nic nie mam. Jednak niestety muszę się odnieść do jego hipokryzji, pisania nieprawdy oraz stosowania podwójnych standardów. [Jako, że tekst Pana Adama jest po angielsku, moja odpowiedź też została sporządzona w tym języku]

So, Mr Adam Nergal Darski your post above is the highest peak of hypocrisy and the best proof you’re totally not a reasonable person. Probably, your hatred for polish goverment let you forget about a few „little” facts. Let’s see some of these:
1. #timeline You published your blasphemous graphic of Polish emblem the 14th of June 2016. I informed the prosecution the 26th of August 2016. The prosecution informed me about decision to start investigating that case the 30th of september 2016. Over 3 months between event and decision. You make a claim against the Goverment at the same day (after a few hours) when Siostry Godlewskie released the video „Biało czerwone”. Could you remind us who uses the double standards?

2. #hugeMISTAKE btw. Why do you make a claim against the Goverment, where it is not the govement's issue but this is the case for judiciary?

3. #quitedifference We could see two different artists. First – An artist who has been using blasphemous symbols in every tour’s branding, every album’s branding etc. since he started his career. He built up his fame on many scandals. In every song he attacks Christianity And he knowingly hurts many Catholics feelings. One time he thought to hit into very important polish symbol – Polish emblem (of course catholic’s cross was still reversed ie. Strongly offended).

Second, there are two sisters who are well-known as „not very wise”. They produce some songs/videos where they present some content.. They present their nudity, stupidity and maybe (it’s of course own opinion) a little bit talent. But the key is they don’t want to INTENTIONALLY hurt anybody.

And here is the crucial difference – INTENTION!. Could we truly say: It’s the same kind of issue? I don’t think so… Could we really say: the Siostry Godlewskie intention was to offend somebody: in my opinion, not. And finally: After briefly looking at the Nergal’s/Behemoth’s art could we say that Nergal wanted to attack Catholics and Poles? In my opinion yes.

4. As I said in one of the interviews „If this kind of faux pas (ie. Blasphemy of Polish emblem) was made by some other band I wouldn’t react.” (…/jm9hbcm). I think the Godlewskie video is stupid and vulgar. They treat national colurs in a very bad way. But it’s not the crime because there is no basis to think they knowingly offend Poles. What is more… idea of whole song has a rather positive message.

So please Mr Nergal… If you want to attack polish govement – do it better next time. It’s a huge difference between yours and sister’s cases. Your post shows us who really uses double standards and has climbed on the peak of hypocrisy.


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